The Age newspaper in Melbourne is this morning reporting on the success of the Fitzroy Community School  in last year’s NAPLAN tests. Information about the nationally administered, standardised test are available at the My School website. In the comments section underneath the Age article one appreciative respondent noted of the Fitzroy Community School that ” most importantly … the school’s focus is similar to Finland’s focus … about the human being not the ‘test’.”  A quick look at the school’s recently completed “Creative Space” in Northcote suggests that the Finnish influence is also at work there.  Derek Swalwell’s very nice pictures of the building, published in this review, clearly indicate that Alvar Aalto remains a potent source of inspiration for thoughtful school designers. The pictures also reveal that private schools – even if they call themselves community schools – continue to be a privileged domain of carefully designed and crafted buildings in Australia.

Photograph by Derek Swalwell